2017 UCCAP Conference

Greetings Parents,

I would like to inform parents of an upcoming evening meeting and share the information ahead of time to possibly save a trip up to the school.  I will likely be out Thursday evening of this week but will be available for next week.  Please read the information below and look at the handouts linked below.  If meeting next week is preferable, please email Thompson.darin@unionps.org to set a time; otherwise, please work through the information below to return the necessary documents I am sending home March 22.

Thursday – March 23 or Tuesday – March 28 is a night we invite parents to the school for a five to ten minute meeting to discuss the following:

10th Grade Course Requests – signature required
Please review the 10th grade course request coming home March 22. The list is not in order of the hour the class will be taken next year, but it does show exactly what the student selected for 10th grade enrollment.  If there are any changes requested, add the new class and cross out the one to be replaced.  If there are no changes, simply sign the form and send it back via the student.

If any suspected errors exist on the transcript coming home March 22, indicate each on the transcript and return the transcript with the student.  Keep the transcript if it is correct.

College Preparatory/Work Ready Curriculum – 2020 Graduation Requirements
This form provides an organization chart students use to check off the completed requirements.  If any questions arise, please encourage the student to visit the counselor.

Please email any questions, thompson.darin@unionps.org.