April 7, 2016

  • Build a binder blockade for a Theme Common Assessment #3 and number a paper 1-4.
  • We will finish the consensus portion of the peer evaluation and analysis for District Timed Writing #2.
  • Any remaining time may be used to complete the “Character Reflection” chart for Speak. ┬áIt is DUE TOMORROW!
  • Character Traits – Expeditiously Begin Now – Page #s Match
    who to list, what personality trait, evidence from text
  • Homework – Speak – pages 137-198: test TOMORROW
    • Characters – know them/know their role
    • Key Quotes – know what is happening/know who said it
    • Tree references and symbolism to Melinda
  • Anyone redoing the “Fire Outline, #3” – option to redo is in the comments section of the grade online