February 5, 2016

Students will continue Thursday’s work to finalize the research process.

What should I have to be ready for Monday?

  1.  Day Two Handout showing all concrete details.
  2. All sources cited in Noodle Tools, a minimum of three from comprised of at least two different types.
  3. All concrete details in note cards attached to the specific source from which each originated.
  4. Double-Check Noodle Tools for Accuracy
    1. spelling and capitalization for each source entry
    2. shared with Thompson in the correct hour
    3. project title includes the “topic” with date and month
    4. page numbers from print source
    5. permalinks from EBSCO for source citation
  5. Print a draft of the Works Cited
    1. go to Bibliography
    2. click “print/export” to Word
    3. follow the on-screen prompts
  6. # each source by hand 1 thru ? on the works cited
  7. On the Day Two handout, notate (write) the corresponding # of the source to any detail originating from that source.

Day 4 Reminders

Noodle Tools 2016