March 1, 2017

First, prepare to show draft 1 on top of draft 2 on top of the self-evaluation form and then show separately the final draft ready to submit before typing.  

Second, once finished with all of TWA #5 as explained below, build a group of no more than three to four and go through “Addressing the Writing Prompt” from Monday to complete as many blanks as possible; however, it is REQUIRED to circle all answers left blank Monday or any answers changed today so as to know how much was known initially versus how much still needs to be learned.  Discuss the handout and do not simply copy each other’s answers.  

Double space the document FIRST, SAVE it, and then type the paper. Review the guide for peer analysis and evaluation before printing; then, follow the highlighting/labeling directions found below.  

Highlighting Post Typing and Printing

Below, it says to “Draw a line after chunk 1 and 2 only.”  If more than three chunks are included, draw a line after each one except the last one.

Sample Paper Post Highlighting – click for better view