March 22, 2016

Below is the plan for today.  The only homework is to read Speak, pages 9-22 and prepare for quiz #2.

Volunteer opportunity for community service or just out of the kindness of your heart is available this Saturday at the final volleyball tournament.  Interested – let me know when by signing up at the link below.  If none of the times work, we can work something out together; just see me in class or text.

  • Absent yesterday – retrieve a copy of Speak and essay to highlight.
  • Anyone have a late essay to submit?
  • Binder Blockade for Speak quiz over pages 3-9; # paper 1-10.
  • Distribute an anonymous peer’s DTW #2 from another hour and begin analysis and evaluation, Step 1. Remember, our third and final DTW is also expository, so this is a good time to gain insight on how to improve the next essay. Hint! Hint!
  • Homework – Speak – pages 9-22 : quiz tomorrow – open note
    • The final writing assignment for Speak will focus on the recurring motif of trees within the book. Literary Devices web page defines motif as, “In a literary piece, a motif is a recurrent image, idea, or a symbol that develops or explains a theme while a theme is a central idea or message.” Students need to pay attention throughout the reading to the correlation of Melinda’s experiences to the author’s use of trees.