May 3, 2016

1st and 3rd Hours
  • Peer Analysis and Evaluation of DTW #3
  • Receive 2-3 essays per group
  • Review the rubric, rubric guide, and scoring grid
  • Read each essay before beginning evaluation
    easy to read

    • easy to understand and follow the writing
    • reflect on attention grabber, thesis, topic and closing sentences, details and commentary, word choice, sentence beginnings and types, and conclusion
  • Review each writing trait on the rubric and the rubric guide, assign a score of 1-4 based on evidence in the essay, and move to the next trait to repeat the process.
  • Carousel until all papers are evaluated, discuss the individual scoring, and come to consensus for a final marking of 1-4 on the rubric. Again, we will underline the areas on the rubric leading to the score.
    • X = all of this fits the majority of the essay
    • circle = would have been scored one higher but for the underlined portion
    • square = would have been scored two higher but for the underlined portion
    • triangle = would have been scored three higher but for the underlined portion
  • Homework – If the background study from pages 1088-1098 is unfinished, check out a book or use the text provided online to finish before class on Friday when it is due.