November 29, 2016

Today – Students were introduced to the process for developing ideas for a five paragraph essay.  They developed an outline as a class under the direction of Mr. Thompson and then went home with a provided thesis and will develop an outline in the same manner as we did in class.  In addition to tonight’s homework, continue preparing for the sentence structure analysis quiz planned for next week.

See the slides below for everything covered in class.

First Hour's Paragraph Brainstorming

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Practice Sentence Structure Analysis
  1. It already is in the mail; I believe it went out late last week on Friday with an entry for Gold Heart, Silver Heart, and two for Keeper of the Plains.
  2. I guess I missed this one since I stuck you in 15s.
  3. I’m not sure how I missed that.
  4. I saw it when Jodi sent confirmations, so I contacted her, but she said you already looked into it and found 16s was full already.
  5. I am still waiting on two more addresses to mail the last ones, and I have even reached out to the region for help since it is a close friend of the region’s.

Answers for Above Practice