November 28, 2016


Please read everything in the image below.  Students need to continue preparation for the “Sentence Structure Analysis” Quiz #2; the intensity preparing for next week’s quiz must be at a higher level than last Tuesday’s.  We spoke again in class today about the importance of spending time outside of class working through the study methods proposed in the image below.  Please encourage your student to take this seriously; I have explicitly stated my intention to continue quizzes over this material until the skills are mastered. Kids need to ask questions if confused and seek feedback while preparing since these skills challenge them at a level not likely experienced in an English class; it is imperative each one learns to punctuate sentences and avoid run-ons and fragments.

Answers to the above.

Sample Sentences

In the above paragraph, there are two simple, one compund, and two compound-complex.  Feel free to practice on these.

Tomorrow, we begin intense preparation for our upcoming anchor paper, a five paragraph essay we will write, edit, revise, and print inside of two class periods and tentatively due next Wednesday or Thursday.