February 17, 2016

Plan to submit the final paper with new highlighting and a works cited page today before class ends.

Remove the highlight from the concrete details.  NOW, highlight each parenthetical citation (in-text reference) to match the highlighted works cited.

Once the paper is typed, parenthetically cited, and formatted correctly according to ALL VERY SPECIFIC DIRECTIONS, save the document as lastname.firstnameHR (Parker.Sam1).  Review the grading criteria below.  If it is short of  the 400 word minimum, go back to each concrete detail and elaborate on the key point and consider adding additional commentary answering why or how is this detail important or what does this mean?

Grading Criteria Major Categories:

  • 50 Points  
    • Essay – spacing, title, quality of five paragraphs (400 word min), general format (no credit without citations)
  • 30 Points  
    • Parenthetical Documentation Within Paper – 3 sources minimum, usage, citation accuracy
  • 20  Points
    • Works Cited – quality of sources, # of sources, layout, general format

To combine the paper with the works cited, insert a hard return (ctrl+enter) after the conclusion paragraph.  Open Noodle Tools and export the works cited to Word – Copy and Paste the works cited to the new page created by the hard return below the essay.  Did you save the document as lastname.firstnameHR (Parker.Sam1).

To upload it, use the “Upload File” link above.

We return to class tomorrow where we will do the following:

  • Grade the sentence beginning handout with the bonus option on back.
  • Complete subject/verb agreement common assessment #2.
  • Begin evaluating TWA #4 – We will finish Friday and then begin TWA #5 focusing on expository writing since our next district timed writing will be in the expository mode.

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