February 16, 2016

Terrific Tuesday to you,  Read everything below before beginning.  Read again if something is not clear.

Last Friday we started typing our paper; you are to come to class today with a complete essay written by now.

Specific Instructions for Typing a Research Paper

SAVE OFTEN!  Once the entire paper, the intro-the body-the conclusion, is typed, use your “Day Two” highlighted handout and then utilize the same colors to highlight the typed paper on the computer – NOT A PRINTOUT!

Refer to the Parenthetical Documentation 2016 handout for citing  a paragraph with one source or multiple sources, whichever method fits each paragraph in the essay.  If it is a paragraph developed from only one source, simply place the parenthetical citation after the closing sentence.  If multiple sources develop a paragraph, place a citation when one source ends and the next begins; your highlighted coloring dictates when sources switch.

To generate the parenthetical citations, open Noodle Tools, access the project, and click into the Bibliography.  Be CERTAIN spelling and punctuation are correct in each source.  To the right in each source, click the link for “In-Text Reference” and copy what generates; be sure to add page number(s) if applicable and change the font to match once the citation is pasted into the document.

Once the paper is typed, parenthetically cited, and formatted correctly according to Friday’s VERY SPECIFIC DIRECTIONS, save the document as lastname.firstnameHR (Parker.Sam1).  Review the grading criteria below.

Grading Criteria Major Categories:

  • 50 Points  
    • Essay – spacing, title, quality of five paragraphs (400 word min), general format (no credit without citations)
  • 30 Points  
    • Parenthetical Documentation Within Paper – 3 sources minimum, usage, citation accuracy
  • 20  Points
    • Works Cited – quality of sources, # of sources, layout, general format

To combine the paper with the works cited, insert a hard return (ctrl+enter) after the conclusion paragraph.  Open Noodle Tools and export the works cited to Word – Copy and Paste the works cited to the new page created by the hard return below the essay.  Did you save the document as lastname.firstnameHR (Parker.Sam1).

To upload it, use the “Upload File” link above.