March 23, 2017 – Read Everything – Anchor Paper #2

The expectation is silent working focused on the screen.  Your neighbor will excuse the rudeness as he or she is ignored.

Were you absent yesterday when the outline and prompts were provided in class?  If so, see the link below under “Resources” for the handout other students are using to guide today’s writing.  Below, there are links to the list of transitions and the handout containing details to write an introduction and conclusion.  Any other handouts may be used as well, but nothing written ahead of time, other than the outline, may be used to complete the paper today and tomorrow.


District Timed Writing #2 – Step-by-Step Directions

Formatting the Paper Before Writing
  1. Open Word on the computer, not in Office 365
  2. Double space the entire document before typing
  3. Save OFTEN
  4. MLA heading – use # in place of first and last name

Writing the PaperSee the Rubric Here!  Focus on the “Exemplary” column of the rubric.

  1. Write the four to five paragraph essay.
  2. Within each body paragraph, highlight in the turquoise blue on the computer the sentence(s) or portion of any sentence considered the concrete detail, NOT THE COMMENTARY, TOPIC SENTENCE, or CLOSING SENTENCE.
Post Writing
  1. Edit and revise.  Double-check for errors!
    1. topic sentences and closing sentences
    2. thesis statement
    3. word choice (verbs especially, adjectives, adverbs)
      1. Highlight the word
      2. Use (Shift+F7)
    4. run-ons and fragments
    5. sentence beginnings and sentence types
    6. transitions
    7. POV always remains 3rd person
    8. MLA heading and good title
  2. Save to the computer or a flash drive.

Before Printing

Review the turquoise blue highlighting to assure only the CDs are highlighted.  See #2 above in “Writing the Paper.”

After Printing
  • Highlight the following in the paper
    • Thesis statement Main Idea – green
    • Thesis statement Opinion – pink
    • Each body paragraph’s topic sentence (1 sent) – blue
    • Each concrete detail – ONLY yellow IF NOT HIGHLIGHTED IN GREY NOW THAT IT IS PRINTED
    • Transitions – green box around each
  • For ONE body paragraph with a minimum of eight sentences or the longest one available if none are eight sentences, do the following:
    • In the left margin, STAR the best body paragraph to evaluate for sentence beginnings, transitions, word choice, sentence variety (types), grammar, and overall quality of concrete details.  
    • In this starred paragraph, Box in Pink Highlighter – Strong word choice – verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs (any word that improves the imagery and helps to convey a specific message in context)

Staple the outline behind the essay and give to Mr. Thompson.

Stay quiet and please afford your neighbors the same quiet environment.