November 16, 2016

Students will be informed about missing work from last week before we discuss yesterday’s work over “Ol’ Man Mallory – Part 3” and the upcoming test over sentence structure.

  • Missing work from last week
  • Discuss the upcoming quiz/test over sentence structure.
    • know the formulas
    • analyze sentences for trash (prep/inf phrases), subjects, verbs, brackets, labels on clauses, and sentence type.
      • Very much like “Ol’ Man Mallory Part 3” handout.
    • Want extra help? Pay attention during the peer analysis on Step IV, or find anything in writing and analyze it; then, check with Mr. Thompson for feedback. Writing them helps too.
  • TWA #2 Peer Analysis and Evaluation

Homework – Start Studying the punctuation rules for the four types of sentence combinations – Bell Work #27 work.

  • Compound [IC, cc IC.]
  • Complex [DC, IC.]
  • Complex [IC DC.]
  • Compound Complex
    • [IC DC, cc IC.]
    • [IC, cc DC, IC.]
    • [DC, IC, cc IC.]
    • [IC, cc IC DC.]