November 15, 2016

Today – Students will use the data collected on last night’s homework, “Ol’ Man Mallory – Part 3” to answer key questions to show the level of not only completion but also accuracy of understanding. ¬†We will then complete bell Work #27 that is the basis for an upcoming test likely to occur next week but definitely no earlier than Friday.

  • Ol’ Man Mallory Part 3
  • Quiz A, Quiz B, or Quiz C – Your Party!
  • Pink Page #2
  • Bell Work #27
  • Homework – Start Studying the punctuation rules for the four types of sentence combinations – Bell Work #27 work.
Bell Work #27 – 11/15/16- Writing CD and CD-CX Sentences Based on the Formulas.

Write SEVEN Sentences according to the prescribed formulas and model the samples provided.

  • Compound [IC, cc IC.]
  • Complex [DC, IC.]
  • Complex [IC DC.]
  • Compound Complex
    • [IC DC, cc IC.]
    • [IC, cc DC, IC.]
    • [DC, IC, cc IC.]
    • [IC, cc IC DC.]

Compound [IC, cc IC.]
The student attacked the teacher, so he was suspended.
Complex [DC, IC.]
Because the student attacked the teacher, he was suspended.
Complex [IC DC.]
The student was suspended because he attacked the teacher.