October 12, 2016

Create two paragraphs on separate pieces of paper like the “Commonly Confused Review” homework due yesterday with each of the 14 sets of commonly confused words listed below.  Whichever word from each set is used in paragraph one will not be used in paragraph two and vice-versa; each word, all twenty-eight, will appear between the two paragraphs.  Be certain to use it as the correct part of speech and in the correct context so that each use makes sense.  Typing each paragraph on separate paper will earn extra points.  Due Friday!

  1. already, all ready
  2. to, too
  3. lose, loose
  4. affect, effect
  5. altogether, all together
  6. a part, apart
  7. counsel, council
  8. cite, site
  9. desert, dessert
  10. allusion, illusion
  11. elude, allude
  12. accept, except
  13. illicit, elicit
  14. are, our