October 13, 2016

Yesterday – Click here for yesterday’s work due tomorrow.

Today – Students will receive “Context Clue – Day 3” (1-16) homework turned in yesterday.  Students will be placed in groups where they will work together to come to consensus on the best answers for each of the sixteen context clue sentences.  We will then compare answers for groups in order to earn points and compete against other groups.  Each student will check his or her original answers for accuracy to see how many of the sixteen were satisfactory answers.

Homework Due Friday – Students will complete the two paragraphs assigned Wednesday where commonly confused words were included.  See October 12 for specifics.  Remember, extra credit can be earned for typing.

Homework Due Monday – To Be given out Friday in class, but it may be accessed early in order to start now.  Similar to today’s work, “Context Clue – Day 4” (1-20) will be taken home to figure out a strong vocab word based on context clues for each of the twenty sentences.