October 14, 2016

Homework – Complete the “Context Clue – Day 4 (1-20)” before Monday.

Today – Each student will participate in today’s activity if he or she has completed the two paragraphs using the fourteen commonly confused words in each.

Students will randomly receive two other peer’s paragraphs and identify the correct use of the choices for each of the fourteen included on each paragraph.  It will be returned to the owner to check and then share the results with the person who took it.  If you were absent today and were not able to complete a peer’s, be sure to still submit the ones created.

Students will also complete a review quiz for simile, metaphor, and personification in order to ascertain the level of work still to do before next Tuesday’s CRT. Plan to make up at 8:00 next week, during lunch, or by making other plans with Mr. Thompson.

CRT Study Ideas
  • S/V Agreement – Bell Work 1-15
  • Commonly Confused Words – online practice
  • Figurative Language – online practice and  use practice work
  • Context Clues – Research some online practice.
  • Literary Elements – Review the literary elements utilized in the annotations and analysis work for each short story – It will not be over any of the story content; it will be about recognizing key elements within literature.