February 7, 2017

Due Today (at a glance)
  • Day One Handout now
  • Log in to Noodle Tools or create an account
  • Add project – Use Name, Event, and Date as project title
  • Cite at least one source
  • Begin documenting on the Day Two Handout the details found to support a main idea.
    • Know which source provided what detail.
To Do Today (in more detail)

Students will select the best of the three possible topics on the Day One Handout to research key details leading up to the event, during the actual day of the event, and the impacts of the event.  See the link below for specific guidelines for the compilation of research.

Day Two Handout – Is My Research Strong Enough

Students will also begin citing sources in Noodle Tools and documenting on the Day Two Handout key details supporting each main idea; paraphrase/bullet point the details below each main idea.  Tomorrow we will create note cards within Noodle Tools.  

See the link below and FOLLOW EXPLICITLY the directions to login and use Noodle Tools.

Noodle Tools Guide 2017