February 8, 2017

To Do Today

Students will continue researching and citing sources in Noodle Tools with key details supporting each main idea found through the research process; paraphrase/bullet point the details below each main idea.  EBSCO will be made available today as well to locate a print source via the online database.

Note cards matching the paraphrased details on the Day Two Handout will be created for each source in Noodle Tools.

Guide to Noodle Tools and EBSCO for citing sources and using EBSCO to locate print sources online as a second type of source.

Due Today (at a glance)
  • Day One Handout now – late and 3rd/4th Hours
  • Two sources and at least six note cards
  • Begin using EBSCO for one of the three sources minimum of two different types.

Day Two Handout – Is My Research Strong Enough