November 10, 2016

Today – The bottom half to “Writing Commentary” practice is due today. Students will complete bell work #25 before reviewing “What’s a Prank to Some…” where kids will complete ‘Steps 4 and 5’ in class and at home tonight if not finished in class. ¬†This portion is very similar to “Paragraph Example 1A and 1B” we completed Tuesday in class.¬† DO NOT complete steps 1-3; those are for Friday.

Bell Work #25 – 11/10/16- Identifying clauses and determining the type of sentence found.

Copy the following sentences one at a time and answer the questions below after each one. Underline any verbs twice and subjects once, bracket the clause(s), and label each clause as IC or DC. Number 1-6 after each sentence.

1. After I finished my homework, ate my dinner, and cleaned my room, I went to the game.
2. After going to the game, I came home and slept until noon the next day.

  1. How many sets of subjects and verbs?
  2. How many clauses?
  3. How many dependent clauses?
  4. How many independent clauses?
  5. Is there a comma followed by a coord-conj, (,CC), or a semi-colon
  6. Is it simple, compound, or complex?