November 9, 2016

Today – Students will complete bell work #24 before peer evaluating, under the guidance of Mr. Thompson, the top half of “Writing Commentary” assigned yesterday. ┬áStudents will then have the last fifteen minutes to begin the bottom half of “Writing Commentary” and ask any questions; it is due first thing tomorrow.

  • Bell Work #24
  • “Writing Commentary” worksheet – Discuss
  • Homework – Bottom half of “Writing Commentary” handout.

Bell Work #24 – 11/9/16- Identifying clauses and determining the type of sentence found.

Copy the six questions into the bell work; then, copy the sentences one at a time and answer the questions below after each one. Underline any verbs twice and subjects once. Number 1-6 after each sentence.

  1. How many sets of subjects and verbs?
  2. How many clauses?
  3. How many dependent clauses?
  4. How many independent clauses?
  5. Is there a comma followed by a coord-conj, (,CC), or a semi-colon?
  6. Is it simple, compound, or complex?

1. The bus driver drove to the game before he met his wife in
the bleachers.

2. The players and coaches lost the game, but they won the
state title in December.