November 8, 2016

“Paragraph Internal Structure Creation” handout bottom half is due today.  Students will complete bell work #23 before working to reverse outline a sample paragraph for its elements.  Follow the directions on each handout for 1A/1B.  For homework, students will complete the top half of the the “Commentary Practice” before class begins Wednesday.

Band kids, these assignments can be completed without printing the handouts; simply use notebook paper for the short responses.

Complete these in order.
  1. Paragraph Writing Example 1A – in class
  2. Paragraph Writing Example 1B – in class
  3. Writing Commentary – homework
Bell Work #23 – 11/8/2016- Recognizing simple, compound, and complex structure

Copy the following sentences and underline any subject/verb combinations.

  1. John runs to the store but forgot his wallet.
  2. John runs to the store, but he forgot his wallet.
  3. Before John runs to the store, he finds his wallet.
  • Identify each as only one of the following:
  • simple (1 s/v)
  • compound (min of 2 s/v split by a ,cc)
  • complex (min 2 s/v – 1 independent clause and 1 dependent – no ,cc)