November 4, 2016

Today – Students will complete bell work #21 practicing compound sentences using both a coordinating conjunction and a conjunction. ¬†We will grade last Friday’s vocab quiz over “The Cask of Anomitialldo” before discussing the “Paragraph Internal Structure Creation” handout; the top half is due Monday.

Sample Answers for #1 only on top half of “Paragraph Internal Structure Creation” handout
  1. bad answer – …was fun.
  2. good answer – …excited the brothers.
  1. bad answer – …had been terrible.
  2. good answer – …ruined their relationship.
  1. bad answer – …is a great time.
  2. good answer – …provided a wonderful time
Bell Work #21 – 11/4/2016 – Writing simple and compound sentences
  1. Write one compound sentence.
  2. Write a new compound sentence where one clause has a compound verb.
  3. Rewrite either compound sentence and split it into two independent clauses.
  4. Challenge: Rewrite either compound sentence without using a (,CC), but it must remain compound.